Sound Wall Bundle with Real Photos



You can help your students to make the transition from speech to print with a sound wall. Sound walls are an effective way to group words by phonemes (or letter sounds) instead of by the first letter in the word like a traditional word wall. A sound wall organizes sounds and words in a way that makes sense to kids who are learning to read and write.

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This bundle features real photos and includes all the printables you need to implement a sound wall in your classroom! You'll find many picture sound card options for each letter sound. There are 2 packs of picture word cards included, too!

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Resources in this bundle:

What's included in this resource:

  • More than 90 sound card options
  • 6 phoneme group labels (stops, nasals, fricatives, affricates, glides, and liquids)
  • 3 mouth pictures for the vowel sounds (smile, open, round)
  • Labels for the vowels and consonants
  • 3 sets of voiced and unvoiced labels
  • Sound Wall examples
  • More than 250 different Picture Word Cards
  • Full page options to create writing folders or to be used digitally


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