Picture Word Cards for Sound Wall 2



Looking for simple, clean picture cards to use on your sound wall or word wall? These word cards with pictures are the perfect fit. Beginning writers will be able to find words with ease using the picture clues. Keep your sound wall or word wall neat and organized with these easy to read cards.

This word card pack is an expansion to my original picture word cards pack. I plan to add words to this pack at teachers' requests. Each word card features a picture and easy-to-read text. There are 5 cards per page (each one measures approximately 2×6 inches). You can use these visuals to add to your sound wall, complete your word wall, as a portable word wall, in your seasonal writing center, in a pocket chart, vocabulary cards, or however else you can think of!

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What's Included:

  • Over 80 Words are currently included!
  • 5 word cards per page that focus on sounds in initial, medial, and endings of words.


Created by © Amy Murray – Teaching Exceptional Kinders 2019


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