Sound Wall Cards with Real Photos



Are your students struggling to find words on your word wall? Looking to try something new for your phonemic awareness and phonics instruction? Sound walls are a great resource to use to improve your phonics and writing instruction.

This resource has the sound cards with real pictures and phoneme labels you need to make the switch from word wall to sound wall. Sound walls are a great way to group letter sounds by phonemes and organize sounds and words in a way that makes sense.

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This set includes over 90 different sound card options. Each card has a real photo and spelling pattern options for each phoneme. This sound wall set has a simple, clean feel that would look. You can use the cards however works best in your classroom.

Included in this Sound Wall Pack:

  • More than 90 sound cards (2 per page, the cards measure about 5×7″) with handwriting lines and letters at the top of each card (when applicable):
    • ball, bat, cat, car, chin, chair (ch), dog, dolphin, fish, fun, goat, game, hat, house, jump, jug, kit, kangaroo, leaf, lamp, magnet, man, nest, nut, pig, pan, rabbit, rat, sun, snake, ship, shell (sh), tiger, top, feather, mother (th), thumb, tooth, van, vest, watch, wind, whale, whistle, yo-yo, yellow, zebra, zipper, treasure, measure (/zh/), queen, quilt, fox, box, apple, alligator, acorn, play (long a), Ed the elephant, bed (short e), eagle, eat, igloo, itch, ice cream, ice, octopus, ostrich, open, ocean, umbrella, up, unicorn, ukulele, cow, ouch (ou/ow), toy ,noise (oi/oy), book, look (oo), moon, glue, wall, ball (all/aw), star, car (ar), fork, corn (or), bird, her (ir/er/ur), banana
  • 6 phoneme group labels:
    • stops, nasals, fricatives, affricates, glides and liquids
  • 3 mouth pictures for the vowel sounds (smile, open, round)
  • Vowel Wall labels
  • 3 sets of voiced and unvoiced labels
  • A second set of cards (90+) without handwriting lines or letters at the top
  • Lock pictures to use to cover up phonemes you haven't yet taught
  • Sound Wall examples


Created by © Amy Murray – Teaching Exceptional Kinders


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