Phoneme Snapshots | Organize Letter Sounds



These phoneme cards will help you to stay organized as you implement a sound wall in your classroom. Each card has a snapshot or sound at a glance to help you properly produce the phoneme. Stop searching for the correct way to make letter sounds and keep these cards handy to reference during lessons instead.

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You'll see an example mouth picture, tips for making each sound, spelling patterns, and examples on each card. Print them, hole punch them and keep them organized by their phoneme type on a binder ring. This set of phoneme cheat sheets has 44 different phoneme cards.

Included in this resource:

  • Phoneme Group Cards
    • Stops, Nasals, Liquids, Glides, Fricatives, Affricates, and Vowels
  • 25 Consonant Phoneme Cards
    • Each cards includes the phoneme type, tips for making the phoneme, clip art mouth picture to show how to make the sound, possible spelling patterns, and example words.
  • 19 Vowel Phoneme Cards
  • All cards are offered with color or black & white options


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