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Students thrive on the routine and structure a visual schedule provides, but they can be time-consuming to create. Visual schedules are a great way to give students the predictability they need to be successful in school in a systematic way. These picture tools are designed to make teachers' lives easier and save you time!


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All you need to do is print, laminate and use them. You can use these picture cards to create independent schedules to help students to know what is coming next and provide visual support for students when transitioning to new classes or activities.

These visual schedule tools and prompt cards are a great way to support students with autism, ADHD or other behavior needs in your classroom. Use these picture cards and schedule templates to create the individual schedules your students need. There are multiple schedule templates to choose from so you can decide what works best for the students in your classroom.


Included in this resource:

  • 16 visual prompt cards (quiet (x2), stop, go, ready hands, sit in chair, stand, sit, walk, all done, no, ask, look, listen, point and write)
  • 4 schedule templates for 1.5-inch picture cards
  • 4 schedule templates for 2-inch picture cards
  • First, then cards for 1.5 inch and 2-inch picture cards
  • Over 150 picture cards in 1.5 inch and 2-inch sizes. (reading, writing, read aloud, small group, math, read to self, writer's workshop, shared reading, guided reading, guided math, calendar, breakfast, lunch, snack, morning meeting, class meeting, gam, library, art, music, computer, phys. ed., gym, recess, science, social science, social studies, art center, math center, computer center, reading center, puzzle, iPad, listening center, writing center, centers, dramatic play, science center, daily five, writing center, smartboard, listening center, sensory break, O.T., P.T., speech, swing, blocks, partner read, word work, pocket chart, party, announcements, dismissal, morning work, morning tubs, special event, arrival, assembly, field trip, unpack, pack up, stack chair, lunch choice, line up, seat work, RTI, drink break, bathroom break, wash hands, movie, brain break, smart table, independent work, assessment, clean up, clean up, indoor recess, turn and talk, social skills, team building, reward time, lunch and recess, whole group, math stations, choice time, literacy stations, group time, Spanish, French, go home, closing meeting, rest, nap, nurse, go, stop, blow nose, medicine, bandage, brush hair, use hand sanitizer, brush teeth, ice pack, take temperature, sit crisscross, sit in chair, stand, water table, sensory table, finger paint, jump, paint, take a break, nap time, high five, raise hand, slide, color, write on board, hug, ready hands, play, birthday treat, carry books, work with partner, run, walk, wipe, fist bump, time out, zip, sing, think, check mail, yoga, fire drill, intruder drill, tornado drill, quiet (x2), all done, no, ask, eat, drink, put in, take out, sort, staple, point, look and listen)


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