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Are you looking for a way to help your young students to identify their feelings? This “How are you feeling?” check-in system is a great way to help students to think about their emotions. This resource has everything you need to create a check-in system, including worksheets to help students to process their emotions.

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When your students check in to share how they are feeling every morning, it gives you the opportunity to touch base with students who may need some extra attention or help to work through a problem. This resource can be used with the whole group, small groups, or even with individual students.

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Included in this resource:

  • Titles and templates to create a check-in station
  • Individual Check-In Tool
  • Name Cards (you can add your student's names)
  • 32 different Emotion Icon Picture Cards in 3 sizes (4 inch, 2.5 inch & 1 inch squares) with the following emotions: angry, annoyed, concerned, confident, confused, content, curious, disappointed, embarrassed, excited, frustrated, glad, grumpy, happy, hurt, joyful, lonely, nervous, sad, shy, sick, silly, stressed, surprised, thankful, tired, upset, worried, good, okay, & bad
  • 3 Feeling Check-In Worksheet
  • 2 Letter Writing Templates


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