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FREE Seesaw Phonics Activities for Short A CVC Words



Need a fun and engaging way to help your students practice building and reading CVC words with short a sounds? This FREE, preloaded, ready-to-use Seesaw activity will give your students a digital option for practicing phonics skills. Save yourself precious time and plan for in-person and distance hybrid learning with these easy-to-use activities!

►►►This free resource is a sample of my Short A CVC Seesaw resource.

What's included?

  • A PDF with a link to a preloaded Seesaw activity with 2 pages
    • Page 1: Match Pictures to Short A CVC Words
    • Page 2: Spell the Short A CVC Words

What do you need?

  • You will need a classroom account on Seesaw. You can set up a free account. Then you can assign activities for your students to access and complete digitally.
  • Your students will need access to the Seesaw App or website on a device or tablet.

I am an independent seller and I am not an employee of or endorsed by Seesaw.


➜ Please contact me with any questions or concerns at TeachingExceptionalKinders@gmail.com.

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