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Writing is hard work for young students! Beginning writers need many reminders of how their sentences should look and what rules to follow. These writing checklists, posters, reference sheet, and anchor charts will provide the visual supports you need and help your kindergarten students to stay on track when learning to write sentences with proper writing conventions.

The 5-star writing checklist will help kids to remember 5 basic rules to writing a complete sentence. Capitalization, spacing, punctuation, sounding out words and checking to see if words make sense are on each checklist. Help your students become independent and fluent sentence writers with these easy to use, eye-catching visuals!

►►►These checklists and writing tools pair nicely with my Sentence Starters Writing Prompts Pack. You'll have beginning writers writing great sentences in no time at all!

Included in this resource:

  • A poster/anchor chart with I can statement, without I can and with and without clipart
  • Half page writing checklists in color or black & white, also with and without a space for a name.
  • A reference page with number formation, high frequency words (add your own list), writing checklist and letter sound alphabet chart. This page is perfect for a writing folder.
  • A blank writing page with space for a picture, writing guidelines, and a small 5-star sentence checklist at the top.


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