Directions Visual Picture Cards



These visual direction cards are the perfect way to give students the visual supports they need to be successful with following directions to complete independent tasks. Use them when giving independent assignments to the whole class or as reminders during centers or other work times. These cards are a simple and effective classroom management tool to help all of your students follow instructions.

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Visual supports are perfect for ELL (ESL/ELD) students and special education (ESE) students. These visual cues are especially helpful for students with autism or ADHD as a support to keep them on task. Many students require visual supports as per their IEP or 504 plan and these cards are the perfect solution!

You will love being able to redirect students without saying a word! Just point to the direction card visual cues! End the constant “what's next?” or “I'm done. Now, what?” questions. Simply refer students to the direction card visuals and you'll stop wasting precious guided reading and instructional time! This pack of instruction cards includes general instructions like read and write your name as well as center specific directions like sort, match, and make a puzzle.

Included in this resource:

  • 2 Sets of Direction Cards (larger rectangles and approximately 4×4 inch squares)
  • 64 different direction cards in each set
    • write, trace, underline, tape, circle, color, cut, draw, dot, glue, count, cross out, folder, highlight, match numbers, match letters, match words, tear, sort, stamp, stack, staple, spin, build words, lace, clean up, measure, throw away, look, point, listen, read, partner read, share, think, make puzzle, make pattern, finger spaces, push, cap marker, imagine, be quiet, wear headphones, dot (paint), check work, ABC order, count, number order, wipe, dry erase marker, eraser, use crayons, use markers, use pencil, use an eraser, use clipboard, turn in, sharpen pencil, pack up, put it in folder, and unpack
  • Plus! 12 specific color cards
  • Numbers 1-6 to order your directions.
  • 4 Transition word cards: first, next, then, last
  • Center Directions template page
  • First, Then board
  • Blank cards of each size so you can create your own as needed.



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