December Whole Group Behavior Incentive Build a Gingerbread Man



December can be a challenging time for classroom management and this low-prep whole class behavior tool is here to help. Your students will love building the adorable gingerbread man to earn a reward and you will love how simple it is to prep and use!


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Set a behavior goal and each time your students demonstrate your behavior goal, they earn a piece of the gingerbread man. When the gingerbread man is complete, they earn their reward!


This pack includes the pieces you need to build a gingerbread man as well as visuals to choose a behavior goal and an incentive. The visuals will help your students to remember their goal and will help you to be consistent when reinforcing your students as they earn rewards for positive behavior choices.


What's included in this resource?

  • A PDF with printable gingerbread board and pieces (4 different options)
  • 20 Behavior Goal Pictures
  • 20 Reward Choice Pictures


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