Accommodations Tracking Checklists for Documentation for IEPs



Do you struggle to document what accommodations and modifications you have used with students in your classroom? Documenting what strategies you try and what is successful or unsuccessful with challenging students is very important. These checklists give you an easy way to track and document behavior, academic, and other functional accommodations and modifications you make for students in your classroom.


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Use these forms to stay organized and quickly access important student information. These checklists are a great tool for regular education and special education (ESE) teachers as well as administrators, behavior specialists, and instructional coaches.



  • 30 behavior accommodations/modifications (2 checklists, color-coded blue)
  • 13 other functional accommodations/modifications (1 checklist, color-coded green)
  • 35 academic accommodations/modifications (3 separate checklists, color-coded yellow)
  • Black & white versions of all checklists
  • Each checklist is offered in 2 different versions (see preview)
  • 2 Editable PowerPoint templates (You can create your own checklist. However, you cannot edit the checklists that are already created.)


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