100th Day of School Ideas for Kindergarten


You have made it back from winter break and are getting back into the swing of your kindergarten routine. Before you know it, you’re looking at your calendar and wondering: “What should I do for the 100th day of school?” With so many ideas circulating online, it can be hard to narrow them down to the best activities for your students. In this post, I’m sharing simple 100th day of school activities for kindergarten. 

Celebrating the 100th Day of School in Kindergarten

The 100th day of school is a great time to acknowledge all of the hard work and learning that has taken place in your classroom.  It’s definitely a fun day to celebrate in any grade level, but it’s especially exciting in kindergarten.  Students have been working hard on their number sense and the 100th day is the perfect opportunity for students to show off their skills!

100th Day of School Ideas for Kindergarten

You don’t need to spend a lot of time or money to create a fun 100th-day celebration in your classroom! These 100th day of school ideas are both memorable and educational while being very simple to implement!

1. 100th Day Fashion Show

This first idea is actually the one that would take the most time to prep, just because it involves giving families some advance notice.  Students can create a t-shirt with 100 things on it and then wear it to school on the 100th day.  At school, students can model their creations in a 100th day fashion show!

Four t-shirts decorated for thee 100th day of school

You can purchase a few plain t-shirts to have on hand for students who didn’t have the time or resources to create one at home.  I have found inexpensive multi-packs before, but you can also find individual solid t-shirts at the dollar store.

2. Cereal Necklace

A cereal necklace is always a hit with students on the 100th day of school!  Even though it is a simple activity, it can take some students a bit of time to complete. To make this activity go more smoothly, you can use have students start by filling up a 100 chart with one piece of cereal in each box.  This helps you see, at a glance, which students are ready for lacing. 

Lacing cereal onto a string for a necklace

Once it’s time to lace the cereal, tape the end of plastic lacing thread to the end to the child’s desk.  This will make it easier for little hands to add the cereal to the string. Then be sure to have a take-home bag ready so each student can slip the finished necklace into their backpack.

3. 100th Day Read Aloud

Another simple way to bring some 100th-day fun to your classroom is with read-alouds. I have always enjoyed reading “Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of Kindergarten” by Joseph Slate.  Since we read Miss Bindergarten at the beginning of the year, it’s fun to read about her again on the 100th day of school.

4. Stations

It’s always helpful when classroom celebrations can use items that are already on hand.  You can set up several 100th-day stations that use various common classroom items.  One station can have students rolling out 100 balls of play dough.  Students can link 100 snap cubes for another station.  You could also have students move 100 items from one container to another using tweezers. Your class can rotate through these stations during your regular center time or as part of your 100th day classroom celebration.

100th day of school activity station cards

5. 100th Day Writing 

The 100th day of school can provide a lot of inspiration for writing practice!  Students can write about what they would do at 100 years old.  They might also like to write about what they would buy with 100 dollars.  You could also have your students write about what they did to celebrate the 100th day of kindergarten. There are so many fun ways to incorporate writing into the day’s festivities!

100th Day of School journal cover and picture writing prompt

6. Print-and-Go 100th Day Activities

You can use simple print-and-go activities throughout the 100th day of school.  Students can fill in a blank hundred chart, tear and paste 100 pieces of paper, stick 100 stickers, and more!  Low-prep printables can be used during literacy or math rotations, small group instruction, or even as fast finisher activities throughout the day.

Roll to 100 game and a paper gluing activity

7. Move for 100 Seconds

This is a simple way to sprinkle 100th day fun throughout the day while giving students the chance to get some wiggles out.  Set a timer for 100 seconds and have students do a physical activity like jumping jacks or toe touches until time runs out.  This makes a great brain break!

8. 100th Day Hats

What 100th-day celebration would be complete without a special hat?  Students can color, cut, and glue for some fine motor practice as they create their own 100th day of school hat.  It is a very simple way to make the day feel special for the young learners in your class.

A completed 100th day of school hat

More 100th Day of School Ideas & Tips

If you’d like a few more tips for these 100th day of school ideas for kindergarten, be sure to check out this video!

Printable 100th Day of School Activities

The activities that I mentioned above can be found in my printable bundle of activities for the 100th day of school. These low-prep and time-saving printables will help you plan a memorable 100th day of school for your class.  Inside this bundle you’ll find family projects, writing journals, station ideas, brain breaks, and more!

If you’d like to take a look at everything included in this bundle of 100th day activities, you can find this resource in the Teaching Exceptional Kinders shop or on TPT.

Save These 100th Day of School Ideas for Kindergarten

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Simple but memorable 100th day of school ideas for kindergarten


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