100th Day of School Projects for In-person and Distance Learning


The 100th day of school is a fun celebration in many kindergarten and first grade classrooms.  This year distance learning and hybrid classrooms make these celebrations tricky.  But you do not have to give up your favorite 100th day of school projects!  You can add some digital options for your hybrid learners and still include all of your learners in your fun 100th day of school activities!

kid hands holding an Ipad with a picture of a 100th day tshirt on it

This set of 100th day of kindergarten projects includes a 100th day t-shirt and 100th day hat.  Students will decorate shirts or hats with 100 things.  There are 3 options included for each project.  Teachers can send home a letter explaining how families can complete the design projects at home, print out the paper templates to complete at school, or use the digital options for Seesaw AND Google Classroom.

Family 100th Day of School Project

blue shirt with 100 legos glued to it

You can choose to use either of the editable PowerPoint templates to send home to explain the design a t-shirt or design a hat 100th day project.  Families will design a shirt or hat with 100 objects and then students will wear them to school on the 100th day.  You can even organize a fashion show so students can show off their hard work!

In-Person 100th Day of School Project

paper with letter explaining with 100th day tshirt project and an example tshirt with a bubble gum machine on it

If you prefer to do the projects all in person, you can use the printable templates in class.  You can have students design their hat or t-shirt with markers, paint, sequence, or any other materials you may have on hand.  The t-shirts will make an adorable bulletin board for the 100th day!  You could even have students cut out their hats and affix them to a sentence strip to wear.

You could also choose to send the paper templates home for families to design if you are worried families are not able to purchase extra hats or shirts for a project.

There are writing page options included. too.  Have your students write to tell about their design and why they decorate their project this way.

Digital 100th Day of School Project

student sitting and holding an ipad in their hands.  The ipad shows a 100th day project to design a hat with 100 things.

If you prefer a digital option, there are 2 Seesaw activities and 2 Google Classroom Activities included.  One for designing a t-shirt and one for designing a hat. Students will love moving the items to decorate their 100th day project.  They can add their own pictures, draw, or use the clipart provided to create their designs.

These options are perfect for a 100th day of school center or for your virtual learners.  You'll be able to include everyone in the fun with your 100th day of school projects!

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