Tips for Using Digital Centers in Kindergarten


Get some useful tips for using digital centers in kindergarten.

Choose a platform for your digital centers.

There are a few different options out there for digital centers in kindergarten. I prefer the Seesaw™ platform for ease of use. It's totally kid-friendly. But your district may require you to use Google Classroom™ or maybe a different online platform. No matter what online platform you are required to use, you can use Boom Cards™ and assign them using a link. If you have iPads, you can simply use PowerPoint.

There is no wrong answer here, but you'll want to choose the platform you are most comfortable using. When you are comfortable with a platform, you are more likely to use it.

Teach your students how to access and use the digital centers.

Will your students be using digital activities independently, in small group instruction, or maybe a different way? You'll want to be sure to explicitly teach your students how to access and use the digital tools.

It's helpful to take pictures and post them for your students to reference. I took a picture of each step of logging in to Seesaw and how to complete an assignment. That way my students could reference it while I was teaching small groups. It limited interruptions and helped students to be more independent.

If Seesaw is your platform of choice, you'll definitely want to check out my monthly membership for kindergarten teachers. You'll get these visuals and new Seesaw activities each month. Click here to check it out.

Create (or purchase) your digital centers and activities.

You can create digital activities for your students to use. There are many ways to do this and a lot depends on your platform. In Seesaw, you can take a picture of a worksheet (or upload a PDF) and allow students to write or draw on it to show their work.

Creating and planning digital activities can be time-consuming. If you are using Seesaw, don't forget to check the free library for resources teachers already created. If you have the paid version, you can copy and edit the activity to change the directions to meet your classroom needs.

No time to create? Check out resources on Teachers Pay Teachers. There are tons of options out there. I have this growing bundle of Kindergarten Digital Centers for Seesaw™ and this one of Kindergarten Digital Centers for Boom™.

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