Wearing a Mask Social Story



Do you need a social story to help reinforce the importance of wearing a mask at school? This social story focuses on wearing a mask. Masks will likely be a new normal for many teachers and students this fall and some students will need a social script to help with the new transition. This social story will help students to know masks are not scary and they help to keep the germs away so everyone can be healthy.

A social story is a great way to promote appropriate social skills and to help to give students a script for a given social situation. These stories teach students how to make positive choices instead of acting out in anger or frustration. A social story is an effective way to use visuals to teach social skills to students in need of special education (ESE), with behavior disorders (like ADHD or ODD) or other special needs.

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Included in this resource: This social story includes a one-page version of the story and a 6-page book (or easy reader). Both black and white and color versions of each are included.


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