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These classroom posters and visuals are a great way to set expectations for times your students are sitting on the carpet. Setting rules and expectations is an important part of classroom management. Using visuals supports all your students in meeting your expectations.


Sitting on the carpet during whole class instruction or a read aloud doesn't have to be a constant fight. Instead, give your students options for how to sit on the rug with these ways to sit on the carpet posters with real photo examples.


After you teach, model, and review the rules, you can simply reference the poster or visual to give students the reminders they need to stay on track. Use the voice level charts to set noise level, the listening posters to show they are ready to learn, and the ways to sit visuals to choose an appropriate way to sit on the rug.

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Included in this resource:

  • 2 listening poster options
  • 6 voice level charts and posters
  • 6 ways to sit the carpet posters
  • Extra labels and options for each type of poster.


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