Visual Reward Choice Menu Token Board & Behavior Charts



Reward charts and token boards are a great way to provide a visual of what a student is working for (or trying to earn). Students with exceptionalities (especially autism) and who receive special education services (ESE) will benefit from these visual supports. Choose a behavior goal or something to work for and set expectations for how a student can earn his stars. When the student earns the set number of stars on his reward chart, he earns his reward.


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Use these boards to promote positive behaviors in your classrooms. These token boards are intended to be used with individual students and they are designed with many different options so you can make them work for your students. All you need to do is print, laminate, and add some Velcro! You’ll be ready to set individual goals in no time at all!


Included in this resource:

  • 2-star, 3-star, 5-star, and 10-star reward (token) charts in blue, coral and black & white
  • Reward choice menus (with 3 or 6 choices) in blue, coral and black & white
  • 3 different star choices (blue, yellow, or black & white)
  • Over 75 different reward choices. All are offered in color and black & white-
    • beanbag, go for a walk, listen to music, read a book, paint, recess, toy break, iPad, laptop, drink, bike, bounce, gum, snack, game, deliver message, rest, ball, scooter, spin, trampoline, swing, bathroom, rice, dinosaurs, beans, tablet, play dough, bubbles, blocks, warm fuzzy, classroom dollars, ice cream, massager, puzzle, shaving cream, shoes off, tent, walk with teacher, walkie talkie, pretzels, YouTube, trains, light up toy, sticker, fist bump, high five, magnet blocks, teacher chair, stretch band, chocolate, goldfish, spinner toy, candy, tunnel, rocking chair, sand, platform swing, body sock, ball pit, weighted vest, sensory tube, putty, spike ball, fidget, cars, trucks, puppets, brain break, smart board, whiteboard, dolls, cash register, sensory table (x2), coloring
  • Goal Tracking Sheet

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