Successful Sound Walls Course


Successful Sound Walls is a course for kindergarten teachers to learn how to implement a sound wall in their classrooms.  You’ll get all the tools you need as well as training and tutorial videos.  Learn how to ditch your word wall and make the switch to a sound wall today!


Ditch your Word Wall and make the switch to a Sound Wall based on the Science of Reading, today!

A sound wall is a way to organize words by their sounds instead of first letters.  Because students learn from speech to print, a sound wall is organized in a way that makes sense for students.

Successful Sound Walls has everything you need to implement a sound wall in your kindergarten classroom.  You'll get tutorials, examples, and all the printables you need!

What's included?

  • 7 Video tutorials and training videos
  • Phoneme Cards (with lots of picture options)
  • Phoneme Labels
  • Personal Sound Wall Printables
  • Phoneme Sound Chart
  • Phoneme Snapshot Cards
    • Lesson plan template
    • Student reference page
    • Alphabet Posters
    • & more!


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