Sound Wall Posters



These space-saving posters are a great way to incorporate a sound wall in your classroom. This is a great alternative to a word wall that will help you to align your phonics instruction with the science of reading. Help your students match graphemes to sounds with a sound wall in your classroom.

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This set of posters includes 3 Vowel Wall options and 2 consonant options with and without voiced/unvoiced labels. Sound walls are a great way to group letter sounds by phonemes and organize sounds and words in a way that makes sense to students.

Included in this resource:

  • 3 Vowel sound wall poster options ( with 3 mouth pictures for the vowel sounds (smile, open, round)
  • 2 Consonant sound wall poster options (6 phoneme group labels (stops, nasals, fricatives, affricates, glides, and liquids)
  • All posters can be printed to be 18×24 inches. Instructions are included for printing and assembling if you do not have access to a poster printer.


Created by © Amy Murray – Teaching Exceptional Kinders


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