Kindergarten Readiness Skills Task Cards



Do parents ask you how they can help their child prepare for kindergarten at kindergarten registration or the end of preschool? These low-prep task cards are filled with practical ways for families to practice important skills needed to be successful in school.


Readiness skills are so important for students to be successful in kindergarten and yet many kids come to school without them. These cards are a great way to give families the guidance they need to lay the groundwork for a great year in school.


The expectations for incoming kindergarteners are different everywhere so this pack includes a variety of options that you can pick and choose from to meet your needs. Skills include personal information like knowing your phone number, social skills like taking turns, self-help skills like using the restroom independently, as well as academic skills.


This resource is very low-prep and it can have a big impact! All you need to do is print the cards on cardstock, cut them out, hole punch, and stick them on a ring. You can pass these out at kindergarten registration or at the end of pre-k so families can keep them handy to pull out to practice when they have a few extra minutes at home.


What's included in this resource?

  • 2 PDFs with formatting options to make it easy to print a single set or use the set with 4 of the same cards per page for bulk printing.
  • A cover card and direction card
  • 30 Different I can cards
    • Personal Information
    • Self-Help Skills
    • Social Skills
    • Fine Motor Skills
    • Academic Skills
  • Task Cards and Flash Cards that correspond with the I Can Cards for:
    • Number ID to 10
    • Counting to 10
    • Shapes and Colors
    • Rhyming
    • Patterns
    • Alphabet Tracing/letter formation
    • Cutting and tracing practice
    • Color and Black & White options included


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Created by © Amy Murray – Teaching Exceptional Kinders


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