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Looking for an alternative to traditional homework that is developmentally appropriate for your kindergarten classroom? Want to get rid of homework altogether but you are still required to assign it? This monthly homework calendar for the month of October is the perfect option! There are 20 fun activities to choose from focused on beginning of the year Kindergarten skills. These choices include academic skills, fine motor skills, life skills and play! Worksheets are included for some activities, but not required to be used.

In addition to traditional academic skills, fun activities like playing a board game and going on a nature walk and life skills like memorizing phone numbers are included. This packet is extremely low prep and designed to actively engage families in the learning process and reinforce kindergarten skills in a fun way.

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What's included?

  • Instructions for how to use
  • Homework Choice Board (with or without October Label) with 20 choices
  • Editable, Blank Choice Board & Instruction page (must have PowerPoint to edit, the worksheets are NOT editable)
  •  Instructions & materials list for parents
  • 10 corresponding worksheets


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