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Alphabet Posters on White Shiplap



Letter sound posters are a great way to reinforce phonics sounds in the classroom. These alphabet cards are on a white shiplap background. They would look great with any farmhouse or minimalist classroom decor.

There are over 70 picture choices for the letters so you can mix and match the posters you need to match your reading or phonics series. Letter sound flashcards are also included for drill and practice or guided reading instruction. Each poster and abc flashcard includes a capital and lowercase letter, picture, and name of the picture.

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Included in this resource:

  • Over 70 Letter Poster Options on a white shiplap (distressed wood) background (1 letter per page)
  • Letter sound flashcards for every picture sound option. (4 letter cards per page)
  • Picture options include: apple, alligator, ball, bat, cat, car, dog, dolphin, elephant, Ed the elephant, egg, fish, fun, goat, game, hat, house, horse, igloo, iguana, insect, itch, jump, jar, jellyfish, jug, kite, kangaroo, lion, lamp, leaf, monkey, man, magnet, nut, nest, newt, octopus, ostrich, pumpkin, pan, penguin, pig, queen, quilt, quail, rabbit, rat, sun, snake, turtle, top, tiger, up, urchin, unicorn, violin, van, vest, vulture, watch, windmill, wind, whale, x-ray, x-ray fish, fox, yo-yo, yak, yellow, zebra, zipper
  • Directions on how to print smaller posters and easy links to quickly find the cards you need.


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