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Alphabet Posters in Bright Polka Dots



Alphabet Posters in Bright Polka Dots

These letter posters offer visual supports in a colorful, simple way. The posters are simple and uncluttered, ideal for young learners. You can print the posters full page or print multiple sheets per page to create alphabet lines, word wall headers, letter cards, or flash cards. The possibilities are endless!
Letter sound charts (vertical and horizontal) are also included for students to use a reference while writing.

Included in this pack:

Alphabet or Letter Cards/Posters (This alphabet set includes vowels in red or black font, q as q and qu, 2 options for the letter x are also included (fox or x-ray), and cards for the sounds sh, ch, th, wh &ck. A vertical and horizontal letter sound chart is also included.

I included instructions for printing multiple pages per sheet to create flash cards instead of posters.

I am happy to provide modifications or additions you may need. Please e-mail me at TeachingExceptionalKinders@gmail.com.

Download the preview to see samples of all that is included!


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