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Alphabet Anchor Charts and Interactive Worksheets



Make introducing the alphabet to kindergarten students fun and interactive with these easy-to-prep anchor charts and alphabet worksheets. These anchor charts were developed with the science of reading in mind to help students make connections between sounds and the letters that spell each sound.

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In this resource, you'll keep students actively engaged in learning about the alphabet with these eye-catching anchor charts and student worksheets. Your students can work along in their workbooks as you create the anchor chart as a class.

What's included in this resource?

  • Anchor Chart pieces for letters A-Z
  • Directions and examples for assembling the anchor charts
  • Pictures for each letter with correct letter sounds
  • Corresponding student worksheets for each letter
  • The vowels include options for short vowel sounds, long vowel sounds, as well as CVC words with medial short vowel sounds.
  • The letter X includes x-ray as well as words that end with x like box and fox.


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