The Best Logic Games for Kindergarten


Have you ever used logic games and puzzles in your kindergarten classroom? There are many ways that you can use these activities in your daily routine!  In this post, I’m sharing some of my favorite logic games for kindergarten!  

The Best Logic Games for Kindergarten

What Are Logic Games?

Logic games are activities that require students to use critical thinking skills in order to solve a puzzle or problem.  Logic games often include patterns, sequences, or some other connection that students need to identify in order to find the solution. There are printable logic puzzles and games that you can use in the classroom, but I’m partial to hands-on logic board games! 

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Benefits of Using Logic Games in Kindergarten

Logic games can be such a helpful learning tool in the kindergarten classroom!  There are many reasons why you should have a few of these trusty games in your teacher toolbox.


First, logic games are one of my favorite low-prep activities for kindergarten! Everything you need is included in the box, including visual directions that even the youngest students can understand.  If you think your students might have trouble navigating the activity for the first time, you can demonstrate it in front of the class first.  It usually takes just a few minutes for students to get the hang of the activity!


Another benefit of logic games is that they are very versatile!  You can add this low-prep learning activity to any part of your daily routine.  You could use a logic game as one of your center rotations. It could also be used as an option for fast finishers!  Logic puzzles could also be used as a soft-start activity option for your classroom's morning routine. There are so many possibilities!

Putting together a shape with clear game pieces

Practice Problem-Solving

In a previous post, I talked about how important it is for kindergarteners to practice problem-solving skills in the classroom.  Logic puzzles are a great way for students to do this!  The answers aren’t readily apparent and students have to rely on their own reasoning skills to come up with a solution.

Build Confidence

As students work hard to solve the problem in a logic game, it gives them the opportunity to persevere!  Working hard on a puzzle takes mental stamina, which needs to be exercised regularly.  As students experience success with logic games, they are able to build their confidence.

What I love about logic puzzles is that some students really excel in this area!  Students don’t have to be strong with words or numbers in order to come up with a solution. It’s always amazing to see students light up with confidence when they are able to solve these logic games!

Three of the Best Logic Games for Kindergarten

One of my favorite brands of logic games for kindergarten is Smart Games.  (I am not an affiliate of their company, just a very happy customer!) What I love about their games is that the format for each game is very similar.  Students always know that they should look for the small booklet that comes with the activity.  The routine is the same, but each game is challenging in a different way.

1. Color Code

The first of my favorite logic board games is Color Code. This activity challenges students’ visual reasoning skills as they try to build a shape shown in the booklet.  Each game piece is a clear square with a colorful shape.  As students create a stack of these clear pieces, they can attempt to match the target shape.

Color Code logic puzzle game and box

The puzzles progress from “Starter” to “Master,” so this activity will be engaging for all of the students (and even adult visitors) in your classroom.  

2. Trucky

Trucky 3 is another fun activity for young students!  This adorable logic game uses small dump trucks with transparent beds.  Each page of the game booklet shows which truck students should use and which pieces they will need to fit inside the bed of the truck. The only rule is that the pieces have to sit flush with the top of the truck bed.  

Trucky 3 logic puzzle for kindergarten

Students will rearrange the pieces until they are able to find the correct configuration (there is only one solution to each puzzle).  Once students think they have it figured out, they can turn the page to check their work!

Adding color shape cubes to a plastic truck

One thing I love about this logic game is that students are also using their fine motor skills as they pick up, turn, and place the blocks. Any time students can work on their pincer grasp,  in-hand manipulation, and hand-eye coordination, I’m all for it!

3. Three Little Piggies

Finally, Three Little Piggies is another fun logic game to include in your classroom.  I always liked to have this game available for fast finishers during our fairy tale unit! 

A Three Little Piggies logic puzzle and box

The game comes with three pig playing pieces, a wolf, and then the pigs’ three houses.  Each house is attached to a lawn of a different shape to create a puzzle piece of sorts.  The goal of the puzzle is to get the houses to fit on the game board with the animals.

This game actually has two different versions.  The first version uses only the pigs. Students are trying to place the puzzle pieces so that all of the pigs can play outside of their houses.  In the second version, students are placing the houses on top of the pigs to protect them from the wolf.

Just like the other puzzles, there is only one solution for each challenge in the booklet.  Students can turn the page to check their work or to find the answer if they are stumped.

Kindergarten Logic Games: A Closer Look

If you’d like to take a closer look at these games and hear more about how I used them in my classroom, check out this video!

Save These Logic Game Ideas for Kindergarten

If you are short on time but want to find these games later, just save this post! You can add the pin below to your favorite teaching board on Pinterest.  You’ll be able to quickly find these logic game ideas when you’re looking for a low prep activity to use in your classroom.

The Best Logic Games for Kindergarten


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