Simple Ideas for Valentine’s Day Activities In Kindergarten


Valentine's Day in Kindergarten is a very exciting time. Kids love holidays and Valentine's Day (or Valentimes Day as the kinders say) is no exception. In this post, you'll find my favorite simple ideas for Valentine's Day activities in Kindergarten.

Ideas for Valentine's Day Activities in Kindergarten

Remember, your students will have fun no matter how much time and money you spend preparing. Keep your Valentine's Day activities simple and use low-prep activities and materials you already have in your classroom. Don't forget to ask your students' families for donations (like paper plates, candy hearts, etc.)

Conversation Heart Games

There are lots of fun games you can play with a few bags of candy conversation hearts and other things you probably already have in your classroom.

Stacking Heart Candies – Give each student a paper plate with heart candies. Times them for one minute to see who can stack the hearts the highest (without it falling).

Making Patterns with Candy Hearts – Give groups of students (or individuals) plates with conversation hearts. Have students use the candies to practice building patterns. Encourage them to build a variety of different patterns.

Conversation Heart Toss – Students take turns tossing the heart candies into a plastic cup. Whoever makes the most in 1 minute is the winner. You can do this on a tabletop or on the floor.

Candy Heart Races – If you are feeling brave, you can set up a “relay race”. Put a plastic cup or container at one end (the finish line) and have students line up at the other end. Then students will use a spoon to carry a heart candy from the start to the finish line and drop their candy into the container. The team that finishes first, wins. *To make it more challenging you could have students hold the spoon in their mouth while they walk to the finish line.

Valentine's Day Task Card Centers

These simple centers are a fun way to practice math skills with simple task cards. You can use these cards with clothespins, themed mini erasers, or even dry erase markers. You can find these math clip cards here.

Valentine's Day Color by Number

These are great for activities for substitutes, early finisher activities, or even morning work jobs. Students will solve addition problems and then they get to color by the code to find a hidden Valentine's Day picture. Click here for Valentine's Day Color by Number worksheets.

Valentine's Day Picture Writing Prompts

These picture prompts are great for all of your writers. This pack is filled with fun Valentine's Day pictures and sentence starters. You can choose the level that works best (or even differentiate) and create Valentine's Day writing journals or use them individually at your writing center.

Each page includes a picture, a space for writing, and a sentence writing checklist (with visuals). There are 3 different levels for each picture prompt as well. Click here for Valentine's Day Picture Writing Prompts.

Valentine's Day Digital Activities for Seesaw or Google Slides

Are you using Seesaw or Google slides in your center rotation or with virtual learners? This bundle of Valentine's Day activities is a fun way to keep students engaged in academics. Each activity comes with picture directions to help your students to be independent.

This bundle includes 4 activities: identifying middle sounds, spelling CVC words activity, numbers to 20, and building teen numbers in ten frames. Get the bundle here.

Need tips for exchanging valentine cards in kindergarten? You can click here to read some simple ideas here on the blog.


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