Free Simple Turkey Craft for Kindergarten


This simple turkey craft is easy to prep and makes an adorable bulletin board for Thanksgiving in Kindergarten. You can choose to complete this craft whole group or to set it up in your center rotations.

You can complete this craft with materials you probably already have in your classroom. If you don't already have the materials, consider asking your families or community to donate them to your classroom.

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You'll the following materials:

How to Prep

  • Cut the paper plates in half. Each student needs half a plate.
  • Print the templates for the head on brown paper.
  • Print the templates for the beaks on yellow or orange paper.
  • Use a papercutter to cut the heads and beaks into squares so students can cut the shapes out. *You may choose to cut these on the lines for students to save a step.
  • Print the directions page for students to reference.

To complete the craft, students write their names on the back of a paper plate. Then they will use a glue stick to coat the opposite side of the plate with glue. They will put tissue paper squares on the glue. You can choose to have them make a color pattern, neat rows, or simply glue the squares anyway they choose.

After their plate is covered with tissue paper, they will cut out the circle head and triangle beak. They will use a red crayon (or writing utensil) to draw a wattle on the head. Then they will glue the beak to the head and glue the head to the bottom of the paper plate. Finally, they will glue (or attach) the googly eyes to complete their turkey.

You can pair this craft with a simple writing prompt about turkeys and a book about turkeys. Click here to read about my 5 favorite November books that would pair nicely with this activity.


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