How A Simple Note Can Improve Student Behavior in the Classroom


Classroom management is the most challenging part of teaching.  One simple note with a behavior checklist can improve student behavior in your classroom overnight.  Seriously.  The secret to good classroom management is in the relationships you build with your students and their parents.  You can show students and their families that you care by focusing on the positive things happening in your classroom by sending positive behavior notes home to parents.  Sending home positive notes is an easy way to show that you like your students and want them to be successful. 

Learn how sending positive behavior notes home to parents can improve your student's behavior in the classroom.

Behavior Notes will improve your students' behavior!

A super simple way to build those relationships is to recognize students when they do well.  Parents want to hear about the things that are going well in the classroom.  They want to celebrate student successes.  And kids love to be recognized.  Celebrating student successes does not need to be complicated.  It can be as simple as a half a piece of paper and a few checkmarks!  Positive behavior notes will completely transform your students' behavior in the classroom.  Your students will be motivated to earn a positive note home to show off to their parents.
Remember – students want to celebrate their successes.  When you start to focus on the small, positive things happening in the classroom, kids notice.  Soon your students will go from tattling on each other to celebrating when their classmates earn a glow note to take home.  These little half sheets of paper with a behavior checklist can literally transform your classroom management system. 
Learn how sending positive behavior notes home to parents can improve your student's behavior in the classroom.

Behavior Notes will save you time! 

Parents often want lots of details about how their kindergarten student is doing behaviorally or socially in the classroom.  But teachers do not have any time to spend writing lengthy notes home daily.  When you keep a stack of behavior checklists ready to go on your desk, sending a note home takes 30 seconds!  Keep things simple and streamlined with easy-to-use and easy-to-manage glow and grow notes.  Before you know it, you'll have kids begging to see who gets to take a glow note home each day!
Using the terms Glow and Grow notes is a great way to be sure you are keeping your communication positive even when you are communicating negative classroom behaviors with families.  Sending a grow note lets parents and students know that you see room to improve.  Instead of sending home a negative note looking to get kids in more trouble, these notes word it as something to work on.  When you pair the grow notes with a glow note a few days later, you set your students up for success! 
So you're ready to improve student behavior in your classroom and you want to add glow and grow notes home, but where do you start? I can help!  I have a few different Glow & Grow note options in my TPT store.  You can find them here.  These templates will save you so much time and can completely transform your classroom management.

Using these note templates is so simple!  

Once you have your behavior notes to send home downloaded on your computer, open up the PowerPoint to start editing.  
Add the behaviors or goals or goals to the editable checklist.  (You can change the font to whatever style you'd like!)
Print the checklists on the color paper of your choice.  I like to use bright color Astrobrights like these, but any paper will work!
Store them somewhere convenient in your classroom.  (Hint- keep them somewhere you will be every day towards the end of class so you are more likely to use them.)
Fill them out and send them home!  (You may want to snap a picture to send home on the communication app you use so your parents know to expect it.)
Learn how sending positive behavior notes home to parents can improve your student's behavior in the classroom.
I have more tips about building relationships your students and their families in a blog post here. I'd love to hear how sending positive behavior notes home is working in your classroom!  Tag me in your photos on Instagram (@teachingexceptionalkinders) or send me a message on Facebook! 



  • Have you ever used a daily behavior calendar? I love the glow and grow idea. Wondering if there is a way to put it at the bottom of one sheet of paper that is a calendar.

    • I have never used a daily calendar because I never had time to keep up with it. I used the glow and grow notes because they were quick and easy 🙂


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