100th Day Activities and Stations Printables



Looking for a simple and fun way to celebrate the 100th day of kindergarten or 1st grade? These activities are engaging, age-appropriate, and, best of all, they are low-prep! Save yourself planning and prep time with these activities to make your 100th day the best, yet!


Special celebration days, like the 100th day, can be overwhelming and time-consuming to prepare. This pack is filled with low-prep options for celebrating 100 days of school without a ton of prep work.




Print and use a variety of activities, crafts, and station ideas for your 100th day celebration! Create a 100th day hat, string 100 pieces of cereal to make a necklace, paint 100 dots, and more.


What's included?

  • A PDF with printable activity pages
  • Directions and Ideas for how to use and set up the activities
  • 8 Station Ideas: build with 100 cubes, string 100 beads, dot with a cotton swab, stack 100 blocks, create with 100 pattern blocks, stack 100 cups, and move 100 objects with tweezers
  • 6 Activities: Make a cereal necklace, 100th day hat, roll to 100 game, stick 100 stickers, paint 100 circles, and dot 100 dots
  • Brain Break/Exercise Ideas
  • When I'm 100 Writing Prompt


What do you need?

  • You will need paper to print the materials and the manipulatives/materials for the activities. You likely have many of the materials in your classroom.


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