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Never experience a year as challenging as this one again

Stop banging your head against your desk trying to come up with classroom and individual behavior management systems that will actually work.

For a limited time, you can get everything you need to set up effective and organized classroom management for next year for ONLY $24.99 (over 90% off!). 

I get it, student behavior is more out of control than ever before.

Chances are you've experiences at least one of these (if not all):

You can spend hours searching for the perfect classroom management solutions.  Chances are you already have…BUT NEVER AGAIN

Smiling teacher gives student a high five

Introducing the ultimate

Teacher Toolkit 

for classroom management

These low-prep resources will:

Improve Accountability

Hold students accountable for their behavior choices.

Motivate Positive Choices

and help your students to stay focused on learning.

Save your sanity!

Stop the interruptions to your teaching and endlessly searching for a solution!

This is the most comprehensive classroom management toolkit you will ever find!

Get time-saving communication tools to use to build postive home-school relationships!

Impress your administrators with your organized documentation paperwork and wow parents with your positive communication with editable notes and flyers.  All while you save precious time and energy for the things you love outside the classroom!

Build your perfect Classroom Management Toolkit with

Teacher Toolkit - Classroom and Behavior Management

90 different resources a $432 value
only $24.99!

thousands of teachers are using these resources in their classrooms!

"Amazing resource! Well worth the money invested. This saved me from so many stressors being a first year teacher in kindergarten. Highly recommend."
Laurie L.
"I am going to use this in my new classroom. Saved me a lot of time creating the same material."
Stacey J.
"I bought this bundle to get the Build a Reward bundle and I am so pleased. This has everything I need to manage my students for the year."
Valerie W.
"This was a fantastic resource. It was great to use with my entire class, but was flexible enough to use with individual students. I will be using this for years!"
Brianne T.

This Classroom Management Bundle is your one-stop shop!

Build-a-Reward™ Behavior Bundle

Classroom Visuals Bundle

Documenting Behavior Bundle

Parent Communication Bundle

and more!

See FAQ section for the complete list!

Classroom Visuals Bundle

  • Carpet Expectations Posters
  • Classroom Rules
  • Visual Schedule
  • Class Schedule
  • Morning Routine Visuals
  • Classroom Labels

Calming Corner Bundle

  • Behavior Reflection forms
  • Calming Corner Posters
  • Calming Strategy Cards

Behavior Resources

  • Build-a-Reward Characters Bundle
  • Behavior Puzzles Bundle
  • Individual Behavior Charts
  • Sticker Charts
  • Token Boards
  • Self-Regulation Tools
  • Positive Office Referral Forms
  • Behavior Documentation Forms With Editable Templates
  • Strategies & Accommodations Checklists

Parent Communication Tools

  • Editable Glow & Grow Behavior Note Bundle
  • Editable Parent Teacher Conference Forms
  • Editable Monthly Calendar
  • Parent Communication App Letter
  • Technology Parent Flyer
  • Daily Communication Take Home Folder Forms
  • Editable Teacher Notes

But Wait there's more...

After grabbing the toolkit, you can add our popular Class Cookies Behavior System (a $77 value) for only $9.99.  

Add even more individual and whole class behavior system options to your toolkit with these adorable cookies!

And there's even more!

After grabbing the toolkit, you can improve your social skills instruction when you add our Social Story Complete Bundle (a $63 value) for only $14.99.  

This bundle includes 19 different social stories you can use whole class or with individual students to work on important social skills like coping when angry, asking for help, and keeping hands to self and social situations like fire drills and riding the school bus. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our best-seller classroom and behavior management tools are included:

Classroom Visuals

  • Carpet Expectations and Voice Level Posters
  • Classroom Rules Posters
  • Picture Direction Cards
  • Class Schedule Cards
  • Individual Visual Schedules
  • Morning Routine Visuals
  • Visual Supports for Home
  • Virtual Learning Visuals
  • Classroom Labels with Photos


Calm Corner Tools

  • Calming Strategies Visual Cards
  • Visual Tools to Rename a Calm Down Corner


Whole-Class Behavior Tools

  • Build-a-Reward Whole Class Positive Behavior Charts Year Long Bundle
  • Behavior Puzzles for the Year Bundle (great for subs)
  • Class Shout Outs
  • Whole Class Incentive Charts


Individual Behavior Tools & Documentation Forms

  • Behavior Documentation Forms With Editable Templates
  • Strategies & Accommodations Checklists
  • Self-Regulation for Young Learners
  • Visual Reward Choice Menu Behavior Charts
  • Winter Token Boards & Reward Charts
  • Individual Behavior Charts with Editable Templates
  • Winter Individual Reward Charts and Sticker Charts
  • Spring Individual Reward Charts and Sticker Charts
  • Summer Individual Reward Charts and Sticker Charts
  • Fall Individual Reward Charts and Sticker Charts
  • December Individual Reward Charts and Sticker Charts
  • Positive Office Referral Forms
  • Behavior Reflection Sheets


Parent Communication Tools

  • Editable Positive Notes Home | Glow & Grow Note Bundle
  • Editable Parent Teacher Conference Forms
  • Editable Monthly Calendar Templates
  • Parent Communication App Letter Template
  • Technology Parent Flyer Template
  • Daily Communication Take Home Folder Forms
  • Editable Teacher Notes Templates

All for one low price during Teacher Appreciation Week!

Yes! I have had teacher friends use these resources successfully in grades K-3. 

Classroom and behavior management tools are perfect for kindergarten, but the skills and resources work well in older grades as well.


No.  This is a bundle of resources that are digital downloads that you will print out to use in your classroom.  

No physical product will be mailed to you.

After completing your purchase, you will be redirected to a page to download your resources. 

You will also receive an email with your invoice including a link to access your files.

It is important to use a personal email address when making your purchase so our email doesn't get accidentally blocked by your school server.

Yes, but this is a special limited-time discount that can only be purchased here.  Click here to purchase on TPT.

No, due to the digital nature of these resources, we cannot issue a refund.

However, if you have any questions or issues, please reach out to amy@teachingexceptionalkinders.com and we will get you taken care of asap.