Fun & Engaging low-prep Phonics practice!

What if phonics instruction could be fun and engaging without spending hours on prep work?

Easily provide differentiated practice, hands-on opportunities to improve fine motor skills while practicing with CVC words. Align your instruction with Science of Reading best practices all with the low-prep and highly engaging phonics materials included in our CVC practice bundle! 

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You're told to align phonics instruction with the science of reading...right?

But you're curriculum doesn't include any hands-on (or fun ways to practice).  So, where do you find engaging phonics materials that don't take 3 weeks of prep work?!

I've got you covered! 

You can spend hours searching for phonics activities only to find they take even more time to prep.  Then kids don't actually use them properly because they are too complicated.  It's an exhausting cycle. 

A smiling teacher writing with a pen

Is this available on Teachers Pay Teachers? Yes, but this special limited time offer is only available here.

 CLICK HERE to buy on TPT. 

These low-prep CVC Activities will:

Align phonics with SOR

Includes multiple ways to practice decoding and spelling CVC words with phonics best practices in mind!

Give meaningful Practice

engaging, hands-on activities for whole group, small group, and independent work!

Save your sanity!

Stop the endless search for engaging ways to practice CVC words and get everything you need in one place!

Teachers are LOVING these CVC Activities!

"I absolutely love this resource. There are so many activities included in this bundle, which helps my students with beginning reading skills. "
"Love, love, love this resource for my students. They love making the short vowel books and it give them good practice on decoding CVC words. "
Monica H.
"I love this resource. I love the student sheets and the whole group activities."
Tara W.
"Thank you for making this resource for us to use in our classroom. My students were engaged in their learning."
Terri W.

This Bundle includes 6 unique phonics resources

What's included? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes.  Teachers Pay Teachers is a 3rd party website, the price may be higher to offset costs.  CLICK HERE to buy on TPT.

Yes, these resources are aligned with the Science of Reading and best practices for teaching phonics.

Yes! These resources can be a great intervention tools to use with older students who have not yet mastered CVC words. 

  • 15 Short Vowel Anchor Charts with corresponding worksheets (3 per vowel A, E, I, O, & U)
  • 5 Short Vowel Interactive Books (5 pages each)
  • 5 Short Vowel Crowns
  • 40+ CVC Worksheets
  • 5 Print & Use Hands-on Centers (for each of the short vowels)
  • 100+ CVC Flashcards